Philosophy Clips

Movies and TV that will make you think!


Owl carrying movie roll

Philosophy Clips is a collection of short clips from famous and not-so-famous movies and TV shows, that can be used (and in fact, I have used) to generate philosophical discussions in class and discussion groups. The collection is focused on clips with narrative value, that is, scenes in comedies, adventures or dramas that bring up interesting points or puzzling thoughts.

Apart from the convenience of finding many useful clips in one place, clips are accompanied with suggestions on how to use them in class, questions for discussion and links to additional resources.

We do not own the copyright to any of these clips. In time we hope to secure permission from all copyright owners, but it is a work in progress (just begun, actually).

Hope you enjoy them! We welcome suggestions for our collection. If you use some of these, please let us know (in a comment or e-mail) how you have used them, so we can add your ideas to the collection.

Owl with Movie RollĀ by Cristina Maciejczyk.

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